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February 2nd, 2006
Previous Cool Cat Club Shows

Paradise - November 27th 2004 in Munich, Germany

The fashion show in *the Garden* Club was our first show in Germany. Consequently we were very anxious whether we can repeat the success of our first Canadian shows.Well the full house made it clear that our expectations were more than surpassed. The audience easily spent the two hours before the show with examining the small exhibition, which was set up in the Hall. We could again spectate at a beautiful fashion interpretation of the Paradise-theme.

A beautiful collection of high quality artistic photos if obtainable at Melarion (our web designer). Contact her to get the animated slide-show for 20 Euro.

See some more pictures captured during this show: Gallery I and Gallery II

An unforgettable night! - audience feedback.

The visual power of the Show has even impressed the photographer of the german daily called *Süddeutsche Zeitung*. This newspaper used one of the pictures captured at the last scene to accompany its article about the Munich culture.

Paradise - March 13th 2004 in Vancouver, Canada

Our first show proved to be an amazing one. The beautiful church together with the amazing work of many participants created a uniquely entertaining night. More than 400 people appeared in the church and they were not disappointed. Special thanks go to all who helped to put this show together. Thanks to the SFU choir, to Tim Hagberg, his brother Justin and Ula Shine for the music during the show, Zsuzsa Lukács for playing piano before the show, Magnus for organizing the security, the models, the dancers, the light assistance, the First Canadian united Chruch and list could go on and on.

it was a night to remember - Gothic Beauty see the in depth review here.

And *man* was it ever a great show! That had to be the most sensual, entertaining and avante-garde "fashion show" I've ever seen. Great choreography, and creative mucial/choral accompaniment. I was very impressed to discover that it was their first production! Wow. - audience feedback.