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Exotic Gala Night
Deutsches Theater, Munich
February 2nd, 2006
Cool Cat Club - a Self-Portrait

Col Cat Club is Canada's and Germany's top gala event and fashion show organizer. Over 3 years experience of event organization with a highly talentedand successful team. Go to the contact section if you want us to set up your event.

Brigitta Hegedues and Minori Yoshikawa are the organizers and founders of the Cool Cat Club. Originally started in late 2003 as a cooperation to shoot a music video they soon realized the creative power they posses if they are working together.

Cool Cat Club's philosophy is to provide a platform for local and non-local designers to srengthten and widen their market presence by organizing fashion and art shows. The organic symbiosis of arts and fashion gives us also the satisfaction of creating shows unpreceded before in its kind. We create a story for each show, inspired by our intution and the fashion designer's art we present a combination of fashion, artwork, movements and music.

Watch this video clip to sense the ambience of a Cool Cat Club fashion show!

Video by 7800 Productions
Music is composed by Tim Hagberg.
Fashion Design showed in the video clip by: